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The Novo Campo Program promotes sustainable practices on cattle ranches in the Amazon region, improving their economic, social andenvironmental performance. By doing this, it contributes to reducing deforestation, conserving or restoring natural resources and strengthening the local economy.

In 2012, ICV started a pilot project to promote good practices in cattle ranching on 14 properties in the region of Alta Floresta, the largest cattle ranching hub in northern Mato Grosso State. On these farms, a new production model was tested based on integrated farm management.

The interventions made consisted in the application of the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for beef cattle, set out by Embrapa. The results showed the model’s viability, with a strong improvement in productivity, profitability, production quality and environmental sustainability.


In the second semester of 2014, ICV started the dissemination of this approach through the “Novo Campo Program – Practicing Sustainable Cattle Ranching in the Amazon”.

Joining the program is voluntary. In order to join, cattle farmers, slaughterhouses, retailers, financial institutions and technical assistance companies and professionals need to meet some pre-established criteria and commitments. This is important to ensure the sustainability throughout the whole beef value chain.

The program is composed of six main components that deal with engaging ranchers, training technical assistance professionals, buyers giving premiums for the produce, financing for the investments, monitoring and tracking the supply chain and integrating with territorial sustainable development policies.

To meet all these challenges, some strategic partners were included whereby each one has a complementary role to play in the execution of the program, with ICV acting as coordinator.

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  • Click here to see an infographic that shows the results of the implementation of the GAP.

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