17 mar 2019

We choose the path of dialogue and transparency for sustainable development in Mato Grosso

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ICV decided to be a founding member of the PCI Institute to continue doing what our institution has always done: contribute to the sustainable development of Mato Grosso. In an increasingly polarized Brazil, we believe that dialogue and partnership are the most powerful development tools. Our participation in the PCI Institute is an expression of the courage needed to move forward towards a jurisdiction approach that promotes socioeconomic inclusion and deforestation-free commodities production.

We participated in the conception of the Produce, Conserve and Include Strategy in 2015 because we believe that the solutions for sustainable land use must be built collectively with all sectors of society. From the beginning, ICV has played a key role as a civil society organization: ICV provides high quality subsidies for policymaking, monitors its progress and ensures transparency of the results.

The increasing rates of deforestation in Mato Grosso are unacceptable and urge us to develop innovative arrangements and solutions to end it. The other PCI goals have also progressed below expectations, as stated by the PCI Monitoring Working Group, coordinated by ICV. On the other hand, the recently international investments rewarding the past deforestation reductions in Mato Grosso, such as the € 17 million + £ 23.9 million on the REDD+ for Early Movers Program (REM), are clear signs that the path towards an inclusive and low carbon development requires a collective multi-stakeholder effort that is reflected in the PCI.

We believe that Mato Grosso can achieve deforestation-free agricultural production in 2030, without neglecting the productive inclusion of family agriculture, indigenous people and traditional communities. To make it happen, we will work at the PCI Institute providing inputs for policy improvement, help attracting financial resources and ensuring that they are applied in initiatives that contribute the most to the PCI goals, with transparency and accountability.

The PCI Strategy objectives that now reborn as the PCI Institute dialogues with ICV’s mission to build shared solutions for sustainability. Our role remains unchanged: to subsidize policy making for sustainable development and promote transparency to it’s actions and achievements, in benefit of society and the environment.

About PCI
The PCI Strategy, launched in 2015, is a joint commitment between government, civil society and private sector to move forward in the development of a low carbon economy with deforestation control, sustainable commodities production and socioeconomic inclusion of family farming, reflected in a common future vision for Mato Grosso in 2030 illustrated by 21 goals in the Production, Conservation and Inclusion axes.

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